About Us

The ABCs of Techroom


Techroom is the newest, freshest online gadget store in the Philippines.

Founded on August 2019, Techroom has been slowly, but surely, making itself known by offering absolutely authentic and brand new gadgets and home appliances coupled with cool promos, creative bundles, and constant discounts to capture and entice its customers.


Absolutely Authentic 

Absolutely authentic is not just a catchphrase. It’s a promise to our customers. While most of The Techroom’s products are offered at prices lower than SRP, every single gadget is guaranteed brand new and authentic, with warranties that are communicated properly to our customers. 


Better Brands for Better Products

Boasting a line-up of great gadgets from brands such as Apple, ASUS, HONOR, JBL, Kingston and NOKIA, our customers are guaranteed to be buying better products than the rest. Techroom’s brands are no slouch in the tech industry, and it is constantly looking for even better brands to add to the roster.


Convenience of Online

Convenience is probably the number one factor as to why e-commerce is as huge as it is nowadays. Techroom partnered with the PH’s top e-commerce platforms precisely because of how it values convenience, and it’s still on the lookout for other e-commerce platforms to open on. 

Indeed, there’s something to be said about the myriad of options that consumers have nowadays. The online gadget market is flooded with options. We at Techroom believe that competition is always pro-consumer, and because we value our customers the most, we’ll always be here to keep competitors on their toes with our absolutely authentic gadgets and low, low prices.